Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss Me?

I could be spending quite a lot of time telling you why I wasn’t here and making excuses for myself, but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to give you an insight into all the wonderful awesome things that have happened since I last blogged.

I met my very best friend and went to the End of the Year Gathering for the very first time. It was amazing!!! I made some really great friends. The dance was SO much fun, and I had curly hair for it! (I positively ADORE my hair when its curled.)
The Talent Show was very dragged out. It made me nervous. I think I played better than I think I did. Maybe not. I’ll just be blunt and say I was completely terrified and have no intention of doing that ever again. ;)
For more on my friends there click here.

After the EOTYG, I got to see another one of my really really good friends who recently moved back to America from England. We had a ton of fun. We went shopping, had a photo shoot, filmed a horror movie, watched some Thrillers (I am Legend; When a Stranger Calls) and just had an all around fun time!

Over to the side there are just a few pictures we took while sitting in the car in a Walmart parking lot. We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the "Do Re Mi" song at the top of our lungs and freaked some innocent bystanders out by shaking the car with our bouncing. It was fun. ^^

We went to Thor (and, for the record, that movie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!) and then spazzed. We took our favorite parts of the movie and made our own movie with us acting the parts. I played as Thor, and Thor had an emotional break-down. Make sense? Probably not. You really had to be there to understand it.
Lets just say that Raina and I came to the conclusion that Loki was a spazzy mermaid.
I cried when Thor (SPOILER) broke the Rainbow Bridge. I liked the rainbow bridge. :(
Anyways, it was a ton of fun!

Needless to say, when I got home, life was boring. I was lonely all the time and just very depressed. ….Then I started classes July 8th.

It has been rough peoples. ROUGH I tell you!!!!

I am taking two omnibus classes this summer, Omni II Sec and Omni III Sec. Its a ton of work, and very tiring. I’ve really been struggling with the lack of motivation. It just seems to be too much work. And if you think about it, it probably is. After all, I am cramming nearly two years worth of work into 6 weeks. Who wouldn’t feel overworked?!

Then last week, I went to see Captain America. I won’t give anything away, but I will just tell you that I have a new favorite movie. And the stuff at the very end of it? (see below for enthusiasm)

...I will be at the very first showing with my Icee in one hand and popcorn in the other, hopefully with a friend or two on either side that I can hold onto if I 1) suffer from an overload of hot male super-heros 2) too much movie drama or 3) WAY too much sugar.
In my case, it will probably be all of the above. And I will be erupting with excited EEPS and ODSUFHOIEUHDFOIUHADS-ness in the middle. You can count on that.

However, before The Avengers comes Harry Potter.

I have a confession.


Yup. Send me to Harryholics anonymous. I’d fit right in.

Let me explain. I got started on the series a bit late. My mom had never really wanted me to read them, but I finally convinced her to let me check out the first book from the library in January. She informed me we’d never own the books and would never see the movies. Anyways, I finished the book and gave it to her to check back in. Apparently, she read it herself, and a few days later, arrived home from Barnes and Noble with Harry Potter 1-7 and took possession of 4-7 because “I wouldn’t get any school reading done.”
So...Harry Potter has now become a pretty big deal for me. I saw movie 5 before any of the others because it was on TV, but imagine my utter joy when a friend told me she had Movies 1-7 ½. I arrived home with seven movies that night, thankyouverymuch, and watched 1-4 on the weekend. I don’t think I will be able to watch 5-7 ½ until my birthday (August 22nd) but I am eagerly awaiting it.

I could give you a complete run down of my favorite characters and why I like them, but I will just give you a list. Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin, Draco, Fred and George, Tonks, and Snape. For the record, Snape was my favorite character even before I knew the truth.

You may notice that my list doesn’t include the three main protagonists (or whatever they’re called.) You’re correct. I think they’re overrated and I think JK Rowling needs to start working on a prequel series NOW so I can read more about my beloved Sirius, Lupin and Snape. <3

(And did I tell you? I’m asking for a Lucius Malfoy wand for my birthday. Or Voldemort. Their wands are AMAZING!)

Anyway, I must go and write a paper for Omnibus (ooh…...these papers are going to kill me. [insert dramatic music here])

So I will Ciao for now, and be back sometime, hopefully in the near future.


Signed: Me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inside the Hatbox: Sending Some Flowers

Here we are people. My first post back in a very long time. I encourage you to read it, send her a card, and maybe repost this too somewhere.

Inside the Hatbox: Sending Some Flowers: "A few weeks back my aunt's friend's friend (yes, it goes back away...) was sitting talking at my aunt's friend's house. From here on I will..."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do I Know You?

You are probably thinking I dropped off the face of the earth. And you would be mostly/kinda right. So I will give you my quick little facts of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing the past two or so weeks.

May 6th - Went to Six Flags for Homeschool day. I rode pretty much every exciting roller coaster there except Mr. Freeze because the line was so long. Texas Giant? Check. Mine train? Check. Runaway Mountain? Check. The Titan? Check. Did I almost die? ABSOLUTELY. It was awesome. It goes up like 24 stories. And drops straight down from there and you are going 85 mph. I tol you I almost died…. ^^

May 7th - I was sick. Very sick. Sick with a fever sick. I did no homework at.all. And I missed a piano lesson with one of my favorite teachers. *Sigh*

May 8th - Still sick

May 9th - Still sick and I lost my retainers. ...Where did I lose them? Maggie’s mouth. -.- I was not impressed.

May 10th - 14th - Still.Sick.

May 16th - Vocal Tryouts. I was a nervous wreck. But did I do well? Mhmm! At least according to the judge :D

May 18th - My parent’s 20th Wedding anniversary. :D That means they are ooooold. Heeheee… I had to put that in there in case one of them reads it.

That brings to to today. EEEP. Haircut tomorrow, Piano contest on Saturday, Piano recital on Monday and then finals on Monday-Wednesday. I am so not ready O.O

BUUUUUUTTTTTT….come the following Saturday, we leave for the!!!!!!!! 

That happens this coming Saturday. Saturday the 28th which may quite possibly be the best day of my entire life, with maybe the exception of the day we brought Maggie home. Why? I’ll be seeting two of my very bestest friends that I have known FOREVER and yes, I am excited.

So, needless to say, I will not be here much. I will post pictures and pictures and pictures though. And I will be documenting the entirety of our trip. Stay tuned…

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I did not die.

Hi there.

Long time, no talk. In fact, I believe the last time I said something on here was when I got my braces of...and that was like two weeks ago. So hello strangers!

Currently, I am on break, which is just a fancy way of saying, “I have no school to do at all and I am bored out of my mind because of it.” Technically, that isn’t true though. I have an itty bitty bit of school to do, but that’s it. I usually am a free person after lunch, and I goof off for the rest of the day, gibbering on the computer. Am I a computer addict? Pshaw! No! ...a teeny weeny bit maybe….okay. More than a teeny bit. But I cannot help myself. This is my window to my friends, and if you think for one second that I am going to shun my friends on break (and even not on break!) think again. Was this addressed to you, Mom? Not really.

So yes. I have been wasting HUGE amounts of time on the computer and making excuses as to why my bed isn’t made (it isn’t made because its break. No one should have to make their bed on break, now, should they? I don’t think so!). 
Email, Warcraft, and reading. My three joys. Maybe we could insert sleeping and improvising on the piano in there too. But that is all I have been doing. I finished rereading some favorite books (Lost Hero, Red Pyramid, To Kill a Mockingbird) yesterday, and I am searching for another one to start. I’m thinking I will probably do an Omnibus Secondary book to save me from death by brain overload this summer. I’m reading Animal Farm right now. That book is funny and interesting. I love it.

So what am I doing right now this second?

Just to show you how addicted to the computer I am, I am sitting in a kitchen chair staring at a pot of potatoes that is supposed to be boiling. Its not. I guess that the “A watched pot never boils” saying is true. I always was a sceptic.

After these silly potatoes boil, I will make them into deliciously yummy, buttery, bad-for-you mashed potatoes, which just happen to be what God eats. I promise. How could he not? (I really hope that wasn’t like a sin or something to say that. If it was, I take it back. And I’m not kidding around here either. :P)

Sunday will be Easter and I will get more candy that will probably last me only two days, just like the Valentines candy did. Oh well. Its good while it lasts. Then Easter evening will be the most depressing Sunday night of all time because it means school is the next day. But until 10:30 PM then, I am not going to worry about it. No good to be a jolly raincloud on the rest of my lovely week ^_^

Have a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reasons for Joy!

I have decided that since I am forever venting on here, I should at least try to balance it out. Then I will not seem pessimistic and just plain blah. Being blah is never fun, and oftentimes its boring [just so you know, its a lot of fun to say that out loud really fast].

After about 20 months of dealing with being a metal mouth, whoo whoo railroad tracks mouth, wearing those ridiculously colored neon rubber bands, and painful tightening, I now have naked teeth!! They are so beautiful. They are like supermodel to the point of looking unnatural. I think I spent half the day looking in the mirror yesterday after getting them off. My teeth looked really weird!! The first thing I ate was a carmel apple...followed by jelly beans :D So now I have pretty teeth!!

Before                  After

Yesterday, I went to this really cool restaurant with my friend called the Magic Time Machine. The waiters were really funny. There was a gypsy, Jack Sparrow, a lumberjack, and Aladdin. We got Aladdin. He was really weird!! He like stuffed a to-go box in my face and started barking….hehe yeah… but anyway, its all themed and stuff and really really cool!! I wanted to sit in the Halloween pumpkin, but Aladdin went all non-Aladdin and said no. My friend and I sat in the pumpkin anyway and took pictures. TAKE THAT ALADDIN!! Ha!

I had another reason to be excited...I forgot it. Hmmm...what was it?? I knew I had another one… YAY FOR FORGETFULNESS. “Sigh” *Pooh Bear Thinking*

Oh! I know! My room is clean. Like really nice clean...except *Guilt* I did not make my bed this morning because I was studying for Latin. I’m glad I skipped making it though, cuz Mrs. Hensley gave us a pop quiz GAHHHH O.O I was prepared though! I think I will make a 100% I wish my science grades were the same as my Latin ones…..No! No pessimism.

Oh well. I can’t remember it now.

This is my song for today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Eleven O'Clock Post

As the reality of the rest of the week sets in, I find myself staying up late with homework. Again. And I have been working very hard on it this week too.

I crammed on Sunday, just as much as I could. A Logic presentation was just around the corner, and although I’d love to say I breezed through it without a problem...I just, well, didn’t. And I “Um”ed, which is a big no-no. I couldn’t help it though! I didn’t have a paper written out and I was only using notes (thanks to procrastination, I presented today [Monday] and I found all my info Sunday night. So lovely.) But it was ok. Just waiting for the grade now. Its going to be an eighty-something. I know it.

Last weekend we drove down to Austin to see [my favorite, and only] great-great aunt. She’s the funniest thing ever! And, did I mention that we have the same birthday? How cool is that?! But anyways, we (my mom, sister, grandma, and I) drove down to Austin [4 hours] and back to Waco [2 hours] on Friday, and then drove back to my house [2 hours] on a Saturday morning. But first, I had a piano practice for a contest that is *gasp* this coming Saturday.

Of course, I don’t need to worry that it is only five days away and I don’t have half of it memorized yet. There’s only seven pages and I only need to memorize five of them in five days. Its not that hard. *cough* Its only a page a day. Hehe…...
I didn’t practice at all today. [And I wonder why I’m not prepared]
I love Beethoven, so it would only make sense that he hates me.

Oh! Guess what!! I lost my Dante book and my class is tomorrow and I haven’t done my assignment! Yay!! I will once again be singing “Oh where of where has my dante book gone” to the tune of the song about the dog with a tail that got cut long.

Now my mother is telling me that I must go to bed, so I suppose I will.

G’night Folks,

Monday, March 21, 2011

It being so early, I cannnot come up with any sort of title. Sorry.

Its official:

I cannot keep up with the commitment to write on here every single day.

So I have resigned to only writing every other day, or maybe just 3-4 times a week. I'll probably never ever do one of weekends though because those are my jam-all-the-homework-I-should-have-done-last-week-all-into-two-days days

In all seriousness, I could really do with a 3 day weekend. Or maybe even 4 day weekend, just so I could fit everything in. My schedule is so nuts that I can hardly fit everything in, even without homework in the picture. But if you add in large quantities of Omnibus reading, ridiculous amounts of science, and the fact that I have still not written my presentation for Logic (We are now presenting them in class. Oh dear. [insert freaking out/hysterics here]

This weekend, I was supposed to get two weeks worth of science done, re-write a paper, write my logic presentation, and catch up on reading for English. The reality? I procrastinated and did only two days worth of work done for science, even though I was capable of more.

I must learn not to procrastinate.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooking (or is it baking...?) Excursion

Ok. Just so you know, I do not really cook, or bake, anything from scratch. I don't even do box packages. I think I probably could if I tried and I really wanted to, but usually I don't really feel like baking.

But this week, I had to, for Omnibus. I did Austin's pound cake, and it actually came out better than I thought it would (Its also berry yummy ^^). Anyway, I made a huge mess, and I thought that y'all might want to see a video of my less-than-perfect counter top and the yummy cake. And me with a somewhat freaked-out look of I-do-not-know-exactly-what-I-am-doing. Oh yes. Mr. Nixon told us that if we wanted to get a 100% we would have to bake it all. by. ourselves. So I did. Yay me!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey everyone!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi there!

I know I didn’t post for like two days. I’m sorry you are so dependent upon my blogging. I’d suggest you go see a counselor so you can talk about your feelings and how addicted you are to my blog. Just Kidding! But I do owe you an apology for not posting when I said I would. But can I give you some excuses first? I love excuses!

I was “On Vacation.”
I had Stone Age internet connection. 
I wanted you to practice Delayed Gratification. I promise it will build your character.

I think those are all legit reasons, right? Right-o.

So where was I on vacation to? Brownwood Lake, Texas. It was dry. And muddy. And TONS of fun. The lake was all dried up leaving the river bottom exposed. You have no idea the types of shells there are at the bottom of the lake. And how muddy you get trying to get to said shells. My friend and I were covered up to our knees in mud. It dried, leaving us looking a bit like homeless elephants. Our legs were gray, wrinkly, and just generally icky. But that was ok! It was worth it!

No, it isn't a statue.
A Puppy that came to spend the night with us. Named her Gypsy.
A dock that should be floating. The water-line was about 10 feet away from it
This would normally be covered in water.
See Our Muddy Footprints?

Guess what else we did! We went to Dublin, Texas. What is the significance of Dublin? It contains the first Doctor Pepper factory, where it is all made from pure cane sugar, without that corn syrup stuff. It is ESPECIALLY yummy. Mmmmm….We bought like 2 cases of it and had more than three DPs every day. The life of a DP addict. But anyway, I got some cool pictures. I’ll post them here.
Lots of Doctor Pepper
The machine that fills and caps the bottles
The machine that cleans the bottles

So yes. I've had loads of fun, and I am going back. And my friend and I are going to go fishing and ride jet skis. And drink lots of DP.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Babbling and Tiredness


Yes, I missed a day. But Wednesdays are hard, so I might periodically do that. I would have missed today, except I remembered, but please forgive me if this post rambles on and on without any particular purpose. I’m extremely tired and I’ve been babbling like I do when I’ve stayed up all night at a “sleep” over. Strange how babbling works. It like never stops and people get tired of it, but the babbler can’t quit because it is too hard or something like that. I don’t know. I confused myself. Do you ever do that? Like, confuse yourself? I do. I just did. I cannot remember what I was talking about. Was it school? I have a lot of school. I have a bibliography due for Logic sometime. I do not know when. I think my mother told me. I hope it wasn’t yesterday. I still have to make a visual too. Its not working. And Mr. Dennis said that I need to be careful to guard my bedroom because I am reporting on the Illuminati and the Free Masons conspiracy theory. I don’t have a lock on my bedroom door. I hope they won’t take revenge. I don’t think I could handle revenge just now. I am too tired to revenge myself. Or is it avenge? I told you I was sleepy. But what if they hunt me down? I’m already being hunted down by flying monkey’s because I took a music stand out of a room that said, “Do not remove music stands.” It also said something about flying monkeys. I do not remember what exactly. I think it said that they will haunt me. Does that mean I will dream of flying monkeys? I do not dream of flying monkeys. I dream of sheep with numbers. I think I could fall asleep even without counting sheep right now. But then I might have nightmares about knives and death because the Illuminati are going to track me down.
Did I mention I hate early mornings? I got up really early this morning. Before 5 am. That is too early. And I hardly sat down at all today. And I bounced on the school bus. The school bus forgot to come and pick us up again! They did that two years ago, but I thought that they would get their heads on straight and screwed on tight. I suppose not. It took them an hour to drive from Fort Worth to Dallas. And then they missed the turn and got lost. And so it was not a good outreach chorus day. Of course, it always drains me, but I do not want to go back tomorrow, but I have to because I am going with my friend Claire and I do not want to leave her with the scary altos. Especially Clayton. But he gave me an Oreo, so I think he’s okay for right now. He licked my hair last year because he was bored. Adam freaked out and I noticed. But he was like across the isle from me, so he was looking behind me. And he saw Clayton lick my hair. But I washed it super well that night so I am okay now. I didn’t flip out half as much as my friends. I forget how I get from confusing myself to confusing myself again. I cannot remember. I think I need to duct tape my mouth before you become so disturbed that you hate me for the rest of my life. I promise I am not an evil munster. I like cookie monster. RIP Cookie Monster. You will live in my heart even though I never watched Sesame Street. But the Veggie monster can never replace you.

Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogging Every Day

So, since I am blogging every day, I need to make a blog post. Please don't hurt me if it is so incredibly boring that you fall asleep. So, please forgive me before hand.

So, what is new about my life...hmm...I don’t really know. Let me think.

Oh! I know!

  • My huge pile of junk has gotten smaller...and more spread out. Amazing how bribery works :P My mom told me I can go hang out with my friend this weekend all by myself for 3 days. ^^ I am very very excited, but I have to clean my room or else I don’t get to go.
  • It is hard to fit jeans over a knee brace. Just saying.
  • I am speed reading Eragon with a notebook and a pencil. I will try to post my critique on it this week or the next. I love being able to get deeply philosophical!
  • There are tons of movies coming out that I want to go see with my worldview glasses on. I am like so excited for the movies to come out! I want to see: Beastly, Unknown, King's Speech, Source Code, Soul Surfer, Thor, and The Tree of Life. I'm really excited to ponder their ideas of right and wrong and their moral standards. Its exciting!!I've included the trailers so you can watch them. Some of them have warnings though, so you might want to ask your parents first. Don't want to get me in trouble, now, do you?
Well, I can't think of anything else to write. Bye bye :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can You Believe It?

I was going to post everyday. Go ahead. Laugh at me because you know that I will never EVER be able to do that. Now for the excuses....Because I cannot possible type them all, feel free to check out my little Venting post.

But yes, I've been a very, very bad blogger already. Bad me. Shame shame!!

But I will try to do better. Not sure how well I will do, but its a start. Hold me to it!

LIL BLURBS (I am really really bad at these)

  • I may be going college cruising with one of my best friends this weekend. Ok, so we are Fishies, but that's ok. We strive to impress people early!
  • I really need to practice the piano. I miss it terribly when I don't. Maybe eventually I will post a video and you can [attempt to] count all the times I go off on improvising tirades...or put Beethoven to a swing beat, or play Disney. *Happy Sigh* I love music.
  • I've had a busy choir weekend, and this week will be no different. I have choir on Monday night, Wednesday night, and this week, I have it on Thursday and Friday. I have a solo, and if I don't die from over-exposure to little elementary school kids, I will eventually come back. With my head in a paper bag. And that is a big maybe ;-)
  • I hurt my knee being clumsy and falling down the stairs. That's one. And then I whacked it on the banister when I was going up the stairs. I think you can tell that me and stairs don't mix. Especially when I am tired, and especially when I am clumsy.
  • Hmmm...what else should I say? Oh! I am NOT going to do the 30 day challenge because I will fale. A big pic fale too. Plus, I'd have to ok all the pictures with my daddy, and that will take work. Yes, I am lazy. Yes, I am a procrastinator. No, I am not working on it. Well, a little bit, I guess, if you call cramming for a science test and a quiz and a presentation late last night and early this morning working on not procrastinating. You don't? I think I agree with you there.
  • My Skype has been abandoned as I am [still] grounded from it. No, I am not ignoring you. I am just a berry naughty girl.
  • This is my longest blurb post yet, and prolly the most interesting at that.
  • I am going to be an evil, harsh critic and review *cough cough* The Inheritance Cycle. So if you haven't read them, please do, because (1) they are awesome books and (2) I don't want to spoil anything for you. No, watching the movie does not count. It was horrible. I hated it. It was awful. I loathed it. I was absolutely nothing like the books. I abhorred it. I extremely dislike it. I disown it as a movie. I think its apparent that it was a bad movie. Maybe I should critique the movie. That would be much more better because I could come up with a HUMONGOUS list of things I hated about it. But no, that would involve having to rent said awful movie from Netflix and I refuse to waste money [and time] on that...that...thing. I am done griping. :) Be happy. 
  • I need to go eat yummy potato soup now. Ooooh it smells so good. Its like really really good. And you may be jealous now. I can just see your mouth watering (that is, if you aren't one of those extremely crazy people who dislikes potatoes. What kind of American are you?? I offended you? I sowwy. Am I really? No, probably not. *TEEHEE*)
  • So bye bye people!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Entering Annie's Photography Contest!

I've wanted to enter one for a long time, but I never have the guts to. But I've got guts now, so I'm going to.

Happiness is: 

Laughing with your best friend

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ok. So Emilyann is having an awesome giveaway and I really want to win. I get another entry if you follow her blog (SO DO IT!!! please ^^) Its really pretty, so follow follow follow!!

Confessions of a Flibbertigibbet: Because I Think Having 100 Followers Is A Legit Re...: "So I'm really excited, you guys. Like really excited. Cause it's time for another giveaway. This one's for you guys that made ..."



Yes, I have been gone. Any recent posts have been very short and boring. I know, I know. But do you have any idea how busy I have been? Here's a little idea: You know how teachers always assign really big assignments at the same time and at the same time you have a very busy schedule with extracurricular activities? Is that me? Oh, yes. I am there now.

Now to my schedule briefing! Yah!....not.

Today I have:
  • Latin
  • Science
  • More Science
  • Still More Science
  • Logic
  • Omnibus (I am supposed to be leaving for choir at the same time Omnibus starts)
  • Latin Study Session (This happens during my choir rehearsal)
  • Even More Science
  • Omnibus Reading
  • Studying Latin
That is just today. *Yawn* I am tired already. I am also thinking that I wil not be going to choir tonight. I NEED to go to these classes. Need to very much....and I need to watch some Latin class archives before Saturday so I can get those translations down pat.

By the end of this week, I must have two papers written and be starting on a third. Two of those need visual aids. I also have a Latin Test and a Science Test due on Saturday. Did I mention I have a really long choir rehearsal on Saturday too? And a performance on Sunday? And homework?
Not to mention my room....*Shivers* It is clean, except for the knee-deep, four-feet across pile of stuff on my floor. Lots of stuff...Paper, clothes, sheets, books, swimming equipment, shoes, beads, pillows, stuffed animals...Cleaning that up is going to be lots of fun! . . .

So I am guessing that you are tired of hearing me vent. I'm tired of hearing me vent too. Usually its my journal that is tired of hearing me vent, but as I have recently tragically misplaced it (my guess is that it is at the very bottom of that pile) I must vent to someone. And that someone happens to be you :) You're welcome. You ask why? Because you are my friend, and because my mother will hang me upside down by my toenails if she hears another word about my overly, jam-packed schedule. So you're welcome (=

BUT REALLY!!! My schedule needs major my bookshelves.

And don't even get me started on this summer!!! I am excited about the EOTYG and seeing my awesomely wonderful classmates, but do you know what I get to do when I get home?
OMNIBUS (Oh joy)
Don't get me wrong! I LOVE Omnibus! And I get Mrs. Hensley, who, btw, is nearly as awesome as Mr. Etter. And Mr. Etter is supercalifragelisticexpialidocious (And, yes, I did spell that all by myself. Be amazed) which makes Mrs. Hensley epic.
But do you know what else I get that I am not so thrilled about? TWO Omnibus classes. At the same time. Back-to-back. For six weeks. It was Mrs. Hensley's idea.
That is the equvalent to stuffing an entire almost-500 page textbook into my head in six weeks, complete with papers and exams. YIKES! And, they are three hours long. Back-to-back. Do you know what that means people? That is six hours of un-interrupted computer time, four times a week, every week, for six weeks. Fun!!!

But, in case you were wondering, I DO have positive things in my life:
  • My Friends
  • My Email, Buzz, and Skype
  • Sleeping and a comfy pillow :)
  • My lovely laptop (I need a name for it. I am thinking of naming it Maia. What do you think?)
  • A camera
  • My Picnik account
  • Last, but not least Chocolate  
So my life is *cough* happy and good! I hope your schedule is not as crazy and hectic as mine. But if it is, I feel your pain, and you may feel free to vent to me. After all, its the least I can do after venting to you for weeks and weeks.
I need a vacation.
I wonder if my teachers could magically develop selective amnesia and forget about all previous, present, and future assignments. I should look into that....

I think it is apparent that I need sleep. And since I need sleep, I should shut up and go sleep. And do Logic. And Latin. And Science. And Math. ....

-Elisabeth <3

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I know....

I've been a terrible blogger. Downright terrible. I've ignored you, but really? I've been busy. So I thought I would post some pictures that I snagged (tee hee) from other sites. So, for most (but not all) I don't exactly own the rights, but I like editing them anyway.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A new word!

Thanks to my friend Caroline I now have a new word: Lizness. Oh yes. Getting down to business: MY way.

Love the way you think!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


You know that feeling when you are waiting and waiting for something to pop up in a window and you keep refreshing your screen? You've done it about 20 times already, and then *POOF!* suddenly its there! And that burst of happy energy as you click on the email and then type your reply and send it...then you repeat the cycle? Ah...that is how I feel right now. I'm talking to my best friend that I haven't seen since August. *Sighs* Way too long, I know, but it is worth staying up late to talk to her! We could talk for hours, and we probably will...and I will definitely regret it in the morning, I can tell you that. But I love her so so much and I don't care if I drop down dead tomorrow. So worth it.


Oh, I love it so much. It snowed over night, and I am SINGING because I love it. All two inches of it! hehe Pictures!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


{Tidbit one} I had pizza today for breakfast. Why? Because I am tired of toast every morning. And cereal. So today has been a day of pizza and pizza only. I must admit, I am pretty tired of it. So, I will not have pizza for dinner.

{Tidbit two} I love, Love, LOVE my friends that make my day so enjoyable. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays best because that is when I get to talk to y'all.

{Tidbit three} I get to babysit today and tomorrow, which will be fun. I'm way over-payed, but if they want to overpay me, that's fine with me!

{Tidbit four} Its actually above 50º today. In fact, it is a lovely 61º.

{Tidbit five} School...don't get me started. Why in the world did I think that it would be easier after mid-terms? I must have forgotten that school is only over after finals.

Well, that's all the little tidbits I have for you today. I probably won't post tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That's How you know...

You know you went to Veritas Press:
  •  If you have heard a teacher and a student argue with English and Scottish accents.
  • When the closest thing you have to a school shooting are Wimba hackers.
  • When going to your friend's house after school requires a plane ticket.
  • When you suffer from a disease called SOW and the cure is sleeping with your textbook under your pillow.
  • When you raise your hand and you forget to put it down.
  • When you hear the phrase "give your teacher an apple," you think of a computer instead of a fruit.
  • When you fix the whiteboard by leaving the room and coming back in.
  • When class is cancelled because the teacher can't get into the class room.
  • When you can have your hand up for 10 minutes AND be gone at the same time.
  • When birds fly at will around the class.
  • When you can wear your pajamas to class and no one knows.
  • When you're drawing or writing something on paper and you automatically try to find the save button.
  • When the teacher brags about being able to mute his mic and change his keyboard battery in 3 seconds, beating the time of Nascar pit stops.
  • When you find that you have an evil twin.
  • When your classmates have snow and it is still 70 degrees at your house.
  • When students come up with cool stuff like "The Twelve Days of Omnibus,” "The Cruncher Family,” and "Silent Class," and the teacher sings those songs during class.
  • If you've considered naming your breakout room team something along the lines of: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin and the Wimba the Sorting Hat is a scary thought.
  • When you are reading the same books as a sophomore or junior in college, but you are only in 9th grade.
  • When you watch YouTube videos on a whiteboard.
  • When a teacher can say, “Well, the Thebans are like the dwarves in the last battle…” and everyone knows what he’s talking about.
  • When someone had to explain to you how to properly pronounce "Ke$ha" or "Kanye" because you don't get out of your room much and the only Youtube videos you watch are usually BBC period dramas.
  • When you would rather listen to Mr. Etter than watch a movie.
  • If at the beginning of ever class a girl named Francis starts the class archive

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Birthday

Today you turn ten. I remember the day you came home from the hospital and how disappointed I was that you weren't four like me. But you sure were cute! (Even if you did cry every time I held you.)

When you were:
One: You would offer someone something, like a goldfish, and if they didn't eat it, you would throw a big fit. You took what was said about sharing very seriously.
Two: You LOVED reading. You would climb up on your changing table all the time with a book. ANd you would sit up there for hours to read it.
Three: You hated going up high, but you loved swinging.
Four: You started becoming a little musician. You were in your first opera, and I (still to this day) kinda regret that because now you insist on singing all the time. Oh well. Dad says it means you're happy...just no Justin Bieber, PLEASE!!!!
Five: You started piano lessons. You'd been picking out parts from my music by ear and mom finally decided to enroll you. You were SO was my teacher. :D
Six: I remember when you turned six, you turned into a "big girl." Sure, you already had a "big girl bed" but now you acted like a big girl. I have to confess that I laughed every time you said those big words that I only heard adults use.
Seven: As soon as you turned seven, you got a HUGE kick out of us being 7-11, like the gas station. Almost every time we drove past one, you would say "That's 7-11, like us!"
Eight: You started being a serious Webkinz gamer. You got several for Christmas and you were so excited...and I was jealous. hehe
Nine: You decided that you wanted a pool party for your birthday, but the weather wasn't warm enough (even in Texas) for us to have one outside, so you waited until August, which, Is the month of my birthday...So we had a joint party. ^^
Now you are ten. Double Digits. Wow! I still don't know where the time went.
I love you, Girly.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Explanation

I've been keeping another blog just for my personal use for about two weeks now, just to teach me that I need to post almost everyday, even if its just in little blurbs. 

The title of the blog is Do You Believe In Magic. Just so you know, I don't really, but its after one of my favorite songs by the Lovin' Spoonful. You've probably heard it before. After all, it is on the Parent Trap, and anyone who hasn't seen that is...shudders...I hate to think about it. But anyway, that is why I named it the way I did.

I will do my best to post as much as I can. Probably not everyday, but whenever I can. 

Hope you enjoy reading it.