Monday, March 28, 2011

The Eleven O'Clock Post

As the reality of the rest of the week sets in, I find myself staying up late with homework. Again. And I have been working very hard on it this week too.

I crammed on Sunday, just as much as I could. A Logic presentation was just around the corner, and although I’d love to say I breezed through it without a problem...I just, well, didn’t. And I “Um”ed, which is a big no-no. I couldn’t help it though! I didn’t have a paper written out and I was only using notes (thanks to procrastination, I presented today [Monday] and I found all my info Sunday night. So lovely.) But it was ok. Just waiting for the grade now. Its going to be an eighty-something. I know it.

Last weekend we drove down to Austin to see [my favorite, and only] great-great aunt. She’s the funniest thing ever! And, did I mention that we have the same birthday? How cool is that?! But anyways, we (my mom, sister, grandma, and I) drove down to Austin [4 hours] and back to Waco [2 hours] on Friday, and then drove back to my house [2 hours] on a Saturday morning. But first, I had a piano practice for a contest that is *gasp* this coming Saturday.

Of course, I don’t need to worry that it is only five days away and I don’t have half of it memorized yet. There’s only seven pages and I only need to memorize five of them in five days. Its not that hard. *cough* Its only a page a day. Hehe…...
I didn’t practice at all today. [And I wonder why I’m not prepared]
I love Beethoven, so it would only make sense that he hates me.

Oh! Guess what!! I lost my Dante book and my class is tomorrow and I haven’t done my assignment! Yay!! I will once again be singing “Oh where of where has my dante book gone” to the tune of the song about the dog with a tail that got cut long.

Now my mother is telling me that I must go to bed, so I suppose I will.

G’night Folks,


  1. You did great on your presentation! I would have never guessed you pulled all that together the night before(: You came to Austin, and didn't tell me?! Hahaha, next time you come through, tell me, cause I would love to meet ya :)

  2. Aw! Sorry Lizzie! Good luk with piano! I have been in that spot..sorta. I stayed up til midnight scoring a composition due the next day.