Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi there!

I know I didn’t post for like two days. I’m sorry you are so dependent upon my blogging. I’d suggest you go see a counselor so you can talk about your feelings and how addicted you are to my blog. Just Kidding! But I do owe you an apology for not posting when I said I would. But can I give you some excuses first? I love excuses!

I was “On Vacation.”
I had Stone Age internet connection. 
I wanted you to practice Delayed Gratification. I promise it will build your character.

I think those are all legit reasons, right? Right-o.

So where was I on vacation to? Brownwood Lake, Texas. It was dry. And muddy. And TONS of fun. The lake was all dried up leaving the river bottom exposed. You have no idea the types of shells there are at the bottom of the lake. And how muddy you get trying to get to said shells. My friend and I were covered up to our knees in mud. It dried, leaving us looking a bit like homeless elephants. Our legs were gray, wrinkly, and just generally icky. But that was ok! It was worth it!

No, it isn't a statue.
A Puppy that came to spend the night with us. Named her Gypsy.
A dock that should be floating. The water-line was about 10 feet away from it
This would normally be covered in water.
See Our Muddy Footprints?

Guess what else we did! We went to Dublin, Texas. What is the significance of Dublin? It contains the first Doctor Pepper factory, where it is all made from pure cane sugar, without that corn syrup stuff. It is ESPECIALLY yummy. Mmmmm….We bought like 2 cases of it and had more than three DPs every day. The life of a DP addict. But anyway, I got some cool pictures. I’ll post them here.
Lots of Doctor Pepper
The machine that fills and caps the bottles
The machine that cleans the bottles

So yes. I've had loads of fun, and I am going back. And my friend and I are going to go fishing and ride jet skis. And drink lots of DP.

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