Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That's How you know...

You know you went to Veritas Press:
  •  If you have heard a teacher and a student argue with English and Scottish accents.
  • When the closest thing you have to a school shooting are Wimba hackers.
  • When going to your friend's house after school requires a plane ticket.
  • When you suffer from a disease called SOW and the cure is sleeping with your textbook under your pillow.
  • When you raise your hand and you forget to put it down.
  • When you hear the phrase "give your teacher an apple," you think of a computer instead of a fruit.
  • When you fix the whiteboard by leaving the room and coming back in.
  • When class is cancelled because the teacher can't get into the class room.
  • When you can have your hand up for 10 minutes AND be gone at the same time.
  • When birds fly at will around the class.
  • When you can wear your pajamas to class and no one knows.
  • When you're drawing or writing something on paper and you automatically try to find the save button.
  • When the teacher brags about being able to mute his mic and change his keyboard battery in 3 seconds, beating the time of Nascar pit stops.
  • When you find that you have an evil twin.
  • When your classmates have snow and it is still 70 degrees at your house.
  • When students come up with cool stuff like "The Twelve Days of Omnibus,” "The Cruncher Family,” and "Silent Class," and the teacher sings those songs during class.
  • If you've considered naming your breakout room team something along the lines of: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin and the Wimba the Sorting Hat is a scary thought.
  • When you are reading the same books as a sophomore or junior in college, but you are only in 9th grade.
  • When you watch YouTube videos on a whiteboard.
  • When a teacher can say, “Well, the Thebans are like the dwarves in the last battle…” and everyone knows what he’s talking about.
  • When someone had to explain to you how to properly pronounce "Ke$ha" or "Kanye" because you don't get out of your room much and the only Youtube videos you watch are usually BBC period dramas.
  • When you would rather listen to Mr. Etter than watch a movie.
  • If at the beginning of ever class a girl named Francis starts the class archive

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