Monday, March 7, 2011

Can You Believe It?

I was going to post everyday. Go ahead. Laugh at me because you know that I will never EVER be able to do that. Now for the excuses....Because I cannot possible type them all, feel free to check out my little Venting post.

But yes, I've been a very, very bad blogger already. Bad me. Shame shame!!

But I will try to do better. Not sure how well I will do, but its a start. Hold me to it!

LIL BLURBS (I am really really bad at these)

  • I may be going college cruising with one of my best friends this weekend. Ok, so we are Fishies, but that's ok. We strive to impress people early!
  • I really need to practice the piano. I miss it terribly when I don't. Maybe eventually I will post a video and you can [attempt to] count all the times I go off on improvising tirades...or put Beethoven to a swing beat, or play Disney. *Happy Sigh* I love music.
  • I've had a busy choir weekend, and this week will be no different. I have choir on Monday night, Wednesday night, and this week, I have it on Thursday and Friday. I have a solo, and if I don't die from over-exposure to little elementary school kids, I will eventually come back. With my head in a paper bag. And that is a big maybe ;-)
  • I hurt my knee being clumsy and falling down the stairs. That's one. And then I whacked it on the banister when I was going up the stairs. I think you can tell that me and stairs don't mix. Especially when I am tired, and especially when I am clumsy.
  • Hmmm...what else should I say? Oh! I am NOT going to do the 30 day challenge because I will fale. A big pic fale too. Plus, I'd have to ok all the pictures with my daddy, and that will take work. Yes, I am lazy. Yes, I am a procrastinator. No, I am not working on it. Well, a little bit, I guess, if you call cramming for a science test and a quiz and a presentation late last night and early this morning working on not procrastinating. You don't? I think I agree with you there.
  • My Skype has been abandoned as I am [still] grounded from it. No, I am not ignoring you. I am just a berry naughty girl.
  • This is my longest blurb post yet, and prolly the most interesting at that.
  • I am going to be an evil, harsh critic and review *cough cough* The Inheritance Cycle. So if you haven't read them, please do, because (1) they are awesome books and (2) I don't want to spoil anything for you. No, watching the movie does not count. It was horrible. I hated it. It was awful. I loathed it. I was absolutely nothing like the books. I abhorred it. I extremely dislike it. I disown it as a movie. I think its apparent that it was a bad movie. Maybe I should critique the movie. That would be much more better because I could come up with a HUMONGOUS list of things I hated about it. But no, that would involve having to rent said awful movie from Netflix and I refuse to waste money [and time] on that...that...thing. I am done griping. :) Be happy. 
  • I need to go eat yummy potato soup now. Ooooh it smells so good. Its like really really good. And you may be jealous now. I can just see your mouth watering (that is, if you aren't one of those extremely crazy people who dislikes potatoes. What kind of American are you?? I offended you? I sowwy. Am I really? No, probably not. *TEEHEE*)
  • So bye bye people!

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