Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do I Know You?

You are probably thinking I dropped off the face of the earth. And you would be mostly/kinda right. So I will give you my quick little facts of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing the past two or so weeks.

May 6th - Went to Six Flags for Homeschool day. I rode pretty much every exciting roller coaster there except Mr. Freeze because the line was so long. Texas Giant? Check. Mine train? Check. Runaway Mountain? Check. The Titan? Check. Did I almost die? ABSOLUTELY. It was awesome. It goes up like 24 stories. And drops straight down from there and you are going 85 mph. I tol you I almost died…. ^^

May 7th - I was sick. Very sick. Sick with a fever sick. I did no homework at.all. And I missed a piano lesson with one of my favorite teachers. *Sigh*

May 8th - Still sick

May 9th - Still sick and I lost my retainers. ...Where did I lose them? Maggie’s mouth. -.- I was not impressed.

May 10th - 14th - Still.Sick.

May 16th - Vocal Tryouts. I was a nervous wreck. But did I do well? Mhmm! At least according to the judge :D

May 18th - My parent’s 20th Wedding anniversary. :D That means they are ooooold. Heeheee… I had to put that in there in case one of them reads it.

That brings to to today. EEEP. Haircut tomorrow, Piano contest on Saturday, Piano recital on Monday and then finals on Monday-Wednesday. I am so not ready O.O

BUUUUUUTTTTTT….come the following Saturday, we leave for the!!!!!!!! 

That happens this coming Saturday. Saturday the 28th which may quite possibly be the best day of my entire life, with maybe the exception of the day we brought Maggie home. Why? I’ll be seeting two of my very bestest friends that I have known FOREVER and yes, I am excited.

So, needless to say, I will not be here much. I will post pictures and pictures and pictures though. And I will be documenting the entirety of our trip. Stay tuned…

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