Thursday, March 10, 2011

Babbling and Tiredness


Yes, I missed a day. But Wednesdays are hard, so I might periodically do that. I would have missed today, except I remembered, but please forgive me if this post rambles on and on without any particular purpose. I’m extremely tired and I’ve been babbling like I do when I’ve stayed up all night at a “sleep” over. Strange how babbling works. It like never stops and people get tired of it, but the babbler can’t quit because it is too hard or something like that. I don’t know. I confused myself. Do you ever do that? Like, confuse yourself? I do. I just did. I cannot remember what I was talking about. Was it school? I have a lot of school. I have a bibliography due for Logic sometime. I do not know when. I think my mother told me. I hope it wasn’t yesterday. I still have to make a visual too. Its not working. And Mr. Dennis said that I need to be careful to guard my bedroom because I am reporting on the Illuminati and the Free Masons conspiracy theory. I don’t have a lock on my bedroom door. I hope they won’t take revenge. I don’t think I could handle revenge just now. I am too tired to revenge myself. Or is it avenge? I told you I was sleepy. But what if they hunt me down? I’m already being hunted down by flying monkey’s because I took a music stand out of a room that said, “Do not remove music stands.” It also said something about flying monkeys. I do not remember what exactly. I think it said that they will haunt me. Does that mean I will dream of flying monkeys? I do not dream of flying monkeys. I dream of sheep with numbers. I think I could fall asleep even without counting sheep right now. But then I might have nightmares about knives and death because the Illuminati are going to track me down.
Did I mention I hate early mornings? I got up really early this morning. Before 5 am. That is too early. And I hardly sat down at all today. And I bounced on the school bus. The school bus forgot to come and pick us up again! They did that two years ago, but I thought that they would get their heads on straight and screwed on tight. I suppose not. It took them an hour to drive from Fort Worth to Dallas. And then they missed the turn and got lost. And so it was not a good outreach chorus day. Of course, it always drains me, but I do not want to go back tomorrow, but I have to because I am going with my friend Claire and I do not want to leave her with the scary altos. Especially Clayton. But he gave me an Oreo, so I think he’s okay for right now. He licked my hair last year because he was bored. Adam freaked out and I noticed. But he was like across the isle from me, so he was looking behind me. And he saw Clayton lick my hair. But I washed it super well that night so I am okay now. I didn’t flip out half as much as my friends. I forget how I get from confusing myself to confusing myself again. I cannot remember. I think I need to duct tape my mouth before you become so disturbed that you hate me for the rest of my life. I promise I am not an evil munster. I like cookie monster. RIP Cookie Monster. You will live in my heart even though I never watched Sesame Street. But the Veggie monster can never replace you.

Goodnight everyone!

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  1. I know how you feel! I love the talk and so do my friends. So at sleepovers not much sleeping happens haha. :)