Thursday, April 21, 2011

I did not die.

Hi there.

Long time, no talk. In fact, I believe the last time I said something on here was when I got my braces of...and that was like two weeks ago. So hello strangers!

Currently, I am on break, which is just a fancy way of saying, “I have no school to do at all and I am bored out of my mind because of it.” Technically, that isn’t true though. I have an itty bitty bit of school to do, but that’s it. I usually am a free person after lunch, and I goof off for the rest of the day, gibbering on the computer. Am I a computer addict? Pshaw! No! ...a teeny weeny bit maybe….okay. More than a teeny bit. But I cannot help myself. This is my window to my friends, and if you think for one second that I am going to shun my friends on break (and even not on break!) think again. Was this addressed to you, Mom? Not really.

So yes. I have been wasting HUGE amounts of time on the computer and making excuses as to why my bed isn’t made (it isn’t made because its break. No one should have to make their bed on break, now, should they? I don’t think so!). 
Email, Warcraft, and reading. My three joys. Maybe we could insert sleeping and improvising on the piano in there too. But that is all I have been doing. I finished rereading some favorite books (Lost Hero, Red Pyramid, To Kill a Mockingbird) yesterday, and I am searching for another one to start. I’m thinking I will probably do an Omnibus Secondary book to save me from death by brain overload this summer. I’m reading Animal Farm right now. That book is funny and interesting. I love it.

So what am I doing right now this second?

Just to show you how addicted to the computer I am, I am sitting in a kitchen chair staring at a pot of potatoes that is supposed to be boiling. Its not. I guess that the “A watched pot never boils” saying is true. I always was a sceptic.

After these silly potatoes boil, I will make them into deliciously yummy, buttery, bad-for-you mashed potatoes, which just happen to be what God eats. I promise. How could he not? (I really hope that wasn’t like a sin or something to say that. If it was, I take it back. And I’m not kidding around here either. :P)

Sunday will be Easter and I will get more candy that will probably last me only two days, just like the Valentines candy did. Oh well. Its good while it lasts. Then Easter evening will be the most depressing Sunday night of all time because it means school is the next day. But until 10:30 PM then, I am not going to worry about it. No good to be a jolly raincloud on the rest of my lovely week ^_^

Have a wonderful Easter!

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