Wednesday, March 2, 2011



Yes, I have been gone. Any recent posts have been very short and boring. I know, I know. But do you have any idea how busy I have been? Here's a little idea: You know how teachers always assign really big assignments at the same time and at the same time you have a very busy schedule with extracurricular activities? Is that me? Oh, yes. I am there now.

Now to my schedule briefing! Yah!....not.

Today I have:
  • Latin
  • Science
  • More Science
  • Still More Science
  • Logic
  • Omnibus (I am supposed to be leaving for choir at the same time Omnibus starts)
  • Latin Study Session (This happens during my choir rehearsal)
  • Even More Science
  • Omnibus Reading
  • Studying Latin
That is just today. *Yawn* I am tired already. I am also thinking that I wil not be going to choir tonight. I NEED to go to these classes. Need to very much....and I need to watch some Latin class archives before Saturday so I can get those translations down pat.

By the end of this week, I must have two papers written and be starting on a third. Two of those need visual aids. I also have a Latin Test and a Science Test due on Saturday. Did I mention I have a really long choir rehearsal on Saturday too? And a performance on Sunday? And homework?
Not to mention my room....*Shivers* It is clean, except for the knee-deep, four-feet across pile of stuff on my floor. Lots of stuff...Paper, clothes, sheets, books, swimming equipment, shoes, beads, pillows, stuffed animals...Cleaning that up is going to be lots of fun! . . .

So I am guessing that you are tired of hearing me vent. I'm tired of hearing me vent too. Usually its my journal that is tired of hearing me vent, but as I have recently tragically misplaced it (my guess is that it is at the very bottom of that pile) I must vent to someone. And that someone happens to be you :) You're welcome. You ask why? Because you are my friend, and because my mother will hang me upside down by my toenails if she hears another word about my overly, jam-packed schedule. So you're welcome (=

BUT REALLY!!! My schedule needs major my bookshelves.

And don't even get me started on this summer!!! I am excited about the EOTYG and seeing my awesomely wonderful classmates, but do you know what I get to do when I get home?
OMNIBUS (Oh joy)
Don't get me wrong! I LOVE Omnibus! And I get Mrs. Hensley, who, btw, is nearly as awesome as Mr. Etter. And Mr. Etter is supercalifragelisticexpialidocious (And, yes, I did spell that all by myself. Be amazed) which makes Mrs. Hensley epic.
But do you know what else I get that I am not so thrilled about? TWO Omnibus classes. At the same time. Back-to-back. For six weeks. It was Mrs. Hensley's idea.
That is the equvalent to stuffing an entire almost-500 page textbook into my head in six weeks, complete with papers and exams. YIKES! And, they are three hours long. Back-to-back. Do you know what that means people? That is six hours of un-interrupted computer time, four times a week, every week, for six weeks. Fun!!!

But, in case you were wondering, I DO have positive things in my life:
  • My Friends
  • My Email, Buzz, and Skype
  • Sleeping and a comfy pillow :)
  • My lovely laptop (I need a name for it. I am thinking of naming it Maia. What do you think?)
  • A camera
  • My Picnik account
  • Last, but not least Chocolate  
So my life is *cough* happy and good! I hope your schedule is not as crazy and hectic as mine. But if it is, I feel your pain, and you may feel free to vent to me. After all, its the least I can do after venting to you for weeks and weeks.
I need a vacation.
I wonder if my teachers could magically develop selective amnesia and forget about all previous, present, and future assignments. I should look into that....

I think it is apparent that I need sleep. And since I need sleep, I should shut up and go sleep. And do Logic. And Latin. And Science. And Math. ....

-Elisabeth <3

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  1. I took Omnibus III during the summer this year, too, and it really wasn't that bad. :) You'll love it, trust me. I'm taking the Novels of Jane Austen this year and I'm so excited. Also, Mrs. Hensley's a great teacher. I promise you there isn't a dull moment. :)