Thursday, January 27, 2011


{Tidbit one} I had pizza today for breakfast. Why? Because I am tired of toast every morning. And cereal. So today has been a day of pizza and pizza only. I must admit, I am pretty tired of it. So, I will not have pizza for dinner.

{Tidbit two} I love, Love, LOVE my friends that make my day so enjoyable. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays best because that is when I get to talk to y'all.

{Tidbit three} I get to babysit today and tomorrow, which will be fun. I'm way over-payed, but if they want to overpay me, that's fine with me!

{Tidbit four} Its actually above 50º today. In fact, it is a lovely 61º.

{Tidbit five} School...don't get me started. Why in the world did I think that it would be easier after mid-terms? I must have forgotten that school is only over after finals.

Well, that's all the little tidbits I have for you today. I probably won't post tomorrow.

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