Thursday, August 11, 2011

Miss Me?

I could be spending quite a lot of time telling you why I wasn’t here and making excuses for myself, but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to give you an insight into all the wonderful awesome things that have happened since I last blogged.

I met my very best friend and went to the End of the Year Gathering for the very first time. It was amazing!!! I made some really great friends. The dance was SO much fun, and I had curly hair for it! (I positively ADORE my hair when its curled.)
The Talent Show was very dragged out. It made me nervous. I think I played better than I think I did. Maybe not. I’ll just be blunt and say I was completely terrified and have no intention of doing that ever again. ;)
For more on my friends there click here.

After the EOTYG, I got to see another one of my really really good friends who recently moved back to America from England. We had a ton of fun. We went shopping, had a photo shoot, filmed a horror movie, watched some Thrillers (I am Legend; When a Stranger Calls) and just had an all around fun time!

Over to the side there are just a few pictures we took while sitting in the car in a Walmart parking lot. We sang "The Wheels on the Bus" "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the "Do Re Mi" song at the top of our lungs and freaked some innocent bystanders out by shaking the car with our bouncing. It was fun. ^^

We went to Thor (and, for the record, that movie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!) and then spazzed. We took our favorite parts of the movie and made our own movie with us acting the parts. I played as Thor, and Thor had an emotional break-down. Make sense? Probably not. You really had to be there to understand it.
Lets just say that Raina and I came to the conclusion that Loki was a spazzy mermaid.
I cried when Thor (SPOILER) broke the Rainbow Bridge. I liked the rainbow bridge. :(
Anyways, it was a ton of fun!

Needless to say, when I got home, life was boring. I was lonely all the time and just very depressed. ….Then I started classes July 8th.

It has been rough peoples. ROUGH I tell you!!!!

I am taking two omnibus classes this summer, Omni II Sec and Omni III Sec. Its a ton of work, and very tiring. I’ve really been struggling with the lack of motivation. It just seems to be too much work. And if you think about it, it probably is. After all, I am cramming nearly two years worth of work into 6 weeks. Who wouldn’t feel overworked?!

Then last week, I went to see Captain America. I won’t give anything away, but I will just tell you that I have a new favorite movie. And the stuff at the very end of it? (see below for enthusiasm)

...I will be at the very first showing with my Icee in one hand and popcorn in the other, hopefully with a friend or two on either side that I can hold onto if I 1) suffer from an overload of hot male super-heros 2) too much movie drama or 3) WAY too much sugar.
In my case, it will probably be all of the above. And I will be erupting with excited EEPS and ODSUFHOIEUHDFOIUHADS-ness in the middle. You can count on that.

However, before The Avengers comes Harry Potter.

I have a confession.


Yup. Send me to Harryholics anonymous. I’d fit right in.

Let me explain. I got started on the series a bit late. My mom had never really wanted me to read them, but I finally convinced her to let me check out the first book from the library in January. She informed me we’d never own the books and would never see the movies. Anyways, I finished the book and gave it to her to check back in. Apparently, she read it herself, and a few days later, arrived home from Barnes and Noble with Harry Potter 1-7 and took possession of 4-7 because “I wouldn’t get any school reading done.”
So...Harry Potter has now become a pretty big deal for me. I saw movie 5 before any of the others because it was on TV, but imagine my utter joy when a friend told me she had Movies 1-7 ½. I arrived home with seven movies that night, thankyouverymuch, and watched 1-4 on the weekend. I don’t think I will be able to watch 5-7 ½ until my birthday (August 22nd) but I am eagerly awaiting it.

I could give you a complete run down of my favorite characters and why I like them, but I will just give you a list. Sirius, Dumbledore, Lupin, Draco, Fred and George, Tonks, and Snape. For the record, Snape was my favorite character even before I knew the truth.

You may notice that my list doesn’t include the three main protagonists (or whatever they’re called.) You’re correct. I think they’re overrated and I think JK Rowling needs to start working on a prequel series NOW so I can read more about my beloved Sirius, Lupin and Snape. <3

(And did I tell you? I’m asking for a Lucius Malfoy wand for my birthday. Or Voldemort. Their wands are AMAZING!)

Anyway, I must go and write a paper for Omnibus (ooh…...these papers are going to kill me. [insert dramatic music here])

So I will Ciao for now, and be back sometime, hopefully in the near future.


Signed: Me.

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