Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reasons for Joy!

I have decided that since I am forever venting on here, I should at least try to balance it out. Then I will not seem pessimistic and just plain blah. Being blah is never fun, and oftentimes its boring [just so you know, its a lot of fun to say that out loud really fast].

After about 20 months of dealing with being a metal mouth, whoo whoo railroad tracks mouth, wearing those ridiculously colored neon rubber bands, and painful tightening, I now have naked teeth!! They are so beautiful. They are like supermodel to the point of looking unnatural. I think I spent half the day looking in the mirror yesterday after getting them off. My teeth looked really weird!! The first thing I ate was a carmel apple...followed by jelly beans :D So now I have pretty teeth!!

Before                  After

Yesterday, I went to this really cool restaurant with my friend called the Magic Time Machine. The waiters were really funny. There was a gypsy, Jack Sparrow, a lumberjack, and Aladdin. We got Aladdin. He was really weird!! He like stuffed a to-go box in my face and started barking….hehe yeah… but anyway, its all themed and stuff and really really cool!! I wanted to sit in the Halloween pumpkin, but Aladdin went all non-Aladdin and said no. My friend and I sat in the pumpkin anyway and took pictures. TAKE THAT ALADDIN!! Ha!

I had another reason to be excited...I forgot it. Hmmm...what was it?? I knew I had another one… YAY FOR FORGETFULNESS. “Sigh” *Pooh Bear Thinking*

Oh! I know! My room is clean. Like really nice clean...except *Guilt* I did not make my bed this morning because I was studying for Latin. I’m glad I skipped making it though, cuz Mrs. Hensley gave us a pop quiz GAHHHH O.O I was prepared though! I think I will make a 100% I wish my science grades were the same as my Latin ones…..No! No pessimism.

Oh well. I can’t remember it now.

This is my song for today.

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  1. omg! you look soooo gorgeous!!!!!!! <3 u! and aww pooh bear! ;)