Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Birthday

Today you turn ten. I remember the day you came home from the hospital and how disappointed I was that you weren't four like me. But you sure were cute! (Even if you did cry every time I held you.)

When you were:
One: You would offer someone something, like a goldfish, and if they didn't eat it, you would throw a big fit. You took what was said about sharing very seriously.
Two: You LOVED reading. You would climb up on your changing table all the time with a book. ANd you would sit up there for hours to read it.
Three: You hated going up high, but you loved swinging.
Four: You started becoming a little musician. You were in your first opera, and I (still to this day) kinda regret that because now you insist on singing all the time. Oh well. Dad says it means you're happy...just no Justin Bieber, PLEASE!!!!
Five: You started piano lessons. You'd been picking out parts from my music by ear and mom finally decided to enroll you. You were SO excited...so was my teacher. :D
Six: I remember when you turned six, you turned into a "big girl." Sure, you already had a "big girl bed" but now you acted like a big girl. I have to confess that I laughed every time you said those big words that I only heard adults use.
Seven: As soon as you turned seven, you got a HUGE kick out of us being 7-11, like the gas station. Almost every time we drove past one, you would say "That's 7-11, like us!"
Eight: You started being a serious Webkinz gamer. You got several for Christmas and you were so excited...and I was jealous. hehe
Nine: You decided that you wanted a pool party for your birthday, but the weather wasn't warm enough (even in Texas) for us to have one outside, so you waited until August, which, Is the month of my birthday...So we had a joint party. ^^
Now you are ten. Double Digits. Wow! I still don't know where the time went.
I love you, Girly.


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