Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blogging Every Day

So, since I am blogging every day, I need to make a blog post. Please don't hurt me if it is so incredibly boring that you fall asleep. So, please forgive me before hand.

So, what is new about my life...hmm...I don’t really know. Let me think.

Oh! I know!

  • My huge pile of junk has gotten smaller...and more spread out. Amazing how bribery works :P My mom told me I can go hang out with my friend this weekend all by myself for 3 days. ^^ I am very very excited, but I have to clean my room or else I don’t get to go.
  • It is hard to fit jeans over a knee brace. Just saying.
  • I am speed reading Eragon with a notebook and a pencil. I will try to post my critique on it this week or the next. I love being able to get deeply philosophical!
  • There are tons of movies coming out that I want to go see with my worldview glasses on. I am like so excited for the movies to come out! I want to see: Beastly, Unknown, King's Speech, Source Code, Soul Surfer, Thor, and The Tree of Life. I'm really excited to ponder their ideas of right and wrong and their moral standards. Its exciting!!I've included the trailers so you can watch them. Some of them have warnings though, so you might want to ask your parents first. Don't want to get me in trouble, now, do you?
Well, I can't think of anything else to write. Bye bye :)

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